This blog is designed to facilitate direct discussions between professional archaeologists and artifact collectors throughout the United States and to collect information potentially relevant to research on improving professional archaeologist-artifact collector relations enough to achieve more collaboration in the future.  Therefore, to achieve as much fairness as we can in moderation of the discussions on this blog, we have chosen two moderators. One is an artifact collector, and one is a professional archaeologist. Both are based in the same city in Tennessee, making it easy for them to discuss any technical, procedural, or other moderation issue that might arise.  Some biographical information on both of our moderators is provided below.

If you need to ask a question in private about this blog, state some issue, voice a concern, or just say something that is on your mind, you may contact our moderators by e-mail. Joshua Honeycutt may be contacted at  Tracy Brown may be contacted at


Josh Photo

Joshua Honeycutt is a remodeling contractor who resides in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. He was born in Whitesburg, Kentucky. Mr. Honeycutt developed a passion for collecting prehistoric Native American artifacts at a young age, and he was largely inspired by his grandfather’s enthusiasm for finding and collecting artifacts. Eventually, his collecting hobby evolved into a deep thirst for knowledge about prehistoric Native Americans.

These days Mr. Honeycutt devotes much of his time to learning about America’s archaeological past. He also enjoys flint knapping, fishing, hiking, and learning various primitive skills, including fabrication and use of the atlatl. Mr. Honeycutt is an active member of the on-line artifact collecting community where he enjoys being a mentor to others with an interest in learning about the artifacts they have found.

TCB Photo 2

Tracy C. Brown is President of the Oak Ridge Archaeological Research Institute.  He is also a Professional Archaeologist, Environmental Scientist, Technical Editor, and Science Writer. Mr. Brown was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and grew up in Gallatin, Tennessee, which is the county seat of Sumner County, one of the most archaeologically and historically significant counties in the state.  He graduated from Gallatin Senior High School in 1971 and enrolled as a student at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee, where he studied geology.  In 1974, he transferred to the University of Tennessee main campus in Knoxville, Tennessee, to study anthropology and American archaeology.  He received his B.A. degree (Summa Cum Laude) in anthropology in 1976. Upon graduation, he immediately enrolled in graduate school at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. While in graduate school, he worked on several large-scale archaeological projects conducted for the Tennessee Valley Authority and U.S. National Park Service (Tellico Archaeological Project, Normandy Archaeological Project, Columbia Archaeological Project, and Averbuch Archaeological Project).  In addition, he worked on small projects for the Tennessee Department of Transportation. In 1982, he received his M.A. degree in anthropology with concentrations in American archaeology, human osteology, and prehistoric mortuary practices. The title of his M.A. thesis was Prehistoric Mortuary Patterning and Change in the Normandy Reservoir, Coffee County, Tennessee.

Mr. Brown now lives and works in the historic Secret City  (Oak Ridge, Tennessee) where he has been an active member of the local scientific research community for the past 33 years. Oak Ridge was the national administrative headquarters for the Manhattan Project during World War II, and large portions of it are part of the Manhattan Project National Historical Park. Today Oak Ridge is an international city and one of the world’s leading centers for scientific research and development.  For more detailed information on Mr. Brown and his professional background in the Secret City and elsewhere, please click on the following files:

Archaeology Resume

Environmental Management Resume

Publications and Professional Papers


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