Collectors State Your “Beefs” to Archaeologists Here

Many collectors of Native American artifacts and historic-era artifacts harbor various levels of frustration with professional archaeologists. A number of collectors claim they will  never again help another professional archaeologist with his or her research.  No questions will be answered for an archaeologist. No archaeologist will ever again be allowed to see artifacts in their collection. All archaeologists will be treated with the utmost caution and suspicion. Clearly, many collectors of Native American and historic-era artifacts are in disagreement with professional archaeologists.  All have  concerns in varying degrees.  This page offers collectors of Native American and historic-era artifacts an opportunity to sound off to American archaeologists about all of the assorted “beefs” you have with them and their behavior. Tell us why you are upset at American archaeologists, why you do not trust them, and why you are being treated so unfairly and wrongly—if you indeed think you are being treated that way. Give some specific examples and personal experiences if you like. Any specific subject you want to address is game, and the sky is the limit.  You can do it as a numbered list. You can do it in paragraphs.  It is all up to you.  We want to hear from you.  Give us your own personal and freewheeling mind dump.  However, we do insist that you avoid libel, slander, and the use of real names. You may do so in the Leave a Reply box below.  Have at it!!!

The following is an Example of an Artifact Collector Beef of the kind or type that we would like to see artifact collectors write into the Leave a Reply box below.  Your beefs can address any subject of concern with regard to artifact collecting and professional archaeology.  Your beef statements can be either short or long.  That is all up to you.

Example of an Artifact Collector Beef

Professional archaeologists have excavated millions of artifacts from archaeological sites all over the nation for the past 150 years. Many of those artifacts are outstanding pieces worthy of public display in museums, and many of the excavations that discovered them were paid for with taxpayer dollars.  Artifact collectors are taxpayers too—in particular—the American taxpayers with the deepest and most abiding personal interest in American artifacts and archaeology.  We are tired of having those artifacts perpetually hidden away on storage shelves and in boxes at universities and museums.  We strongly believe that every outstanding, museum-grade artifact that is in storage right now all across the nation should be placed on public display in a museum or other appropriate facility to educate the American people about the full range of Native American arts, crafts, and lifeways and to show them how their archaeology tax dollars were spent.


2 Responses to Collectors State Your “Beefs” to Archaeologists Here

  1. jay lox says:

    Archeologists can’t possibly cover every site in a given state.Their best hope is to educate amateurs with the hope that they can encourage them to give up information on any significant finds…I have correspondance with several archeologists here in Maine…We share information.They tell me information on said artifact and I tell them where I found it….My collection is open to inspection.I have part of it displayed at a local historical society…Where it is viewed and appreciated…Here in Maine early archeologists went wild digging up every red paint burial site they could find with very shoddy techniques..It seems to me once the information is recorded on said artifact it meets its death never to be seen again…not acceptable to me….I can guarantee that no archeologists enjoy or respect my finds any more than me…enough said thank you for your times..mjm:


  2. S. says:

    Unfortunately, a significant and influential number of professional archaeologist believe that collectors should not be allowed to “own” artifacts. Their concept of private property and the right to own, buy and sell your private property does not include artifacts. Their ultimate goal is to eliminate private collecting and ownership. How can this fundamental issue be resolved ?


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